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Modern bartering

WingZ is an online bartering community designed for businesses, we have taken the traditional concept of bartering and turned it into a modern solution. Through leveraging the power of bartering, WingZ enables businesses to barter their spare capacity and get their supplies from any business in the community without using cash.

Founder of WingZ

Hossein Rezaei is a purpose-driven entrepreneur. He
f​ounded WingZ Business Barter to create a path for small businesses to unlock their full potential. Enabling them to exchange their extra resources and save their valuable cash in their business. 

Since no cash is involved in these transactions, business owners get the opportunity to save valuable cash and outsource their costs to WingZ, while getting access to a new category of high-value customers who are also business owners.  


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Owner of a well-known barbershop with over 20 years of experience!

Bartering has never been
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