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Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and deserve better support; WingZ is a smart bartering platform that enables businesses to exchange their excess products and services with each other to reduce waste and get supplies without using cash! Our team focuses on reducing the amount of overlooked business waste while improving cash flow in small businesses.
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that businesses face every day. By joining our community of professionals, you get access to unique services and build new connections with like-minded individuals.

Meet the faces behind WingZ

Our team consists of highly-skilled individuals who collectively bring a world of passion and enthusiasm into supporting small businesses and paving the way for their growth.

Hossein Rezaei

CEO & Visionary

Inspiration rock star

Hossein is an impact-driven entrepreneur with diverse work experience in project and marketing management, web development, and launching businesses. He can combine IT skills and business acumen with project management and leadership qualities to drive significant business transformations.

Shahrzad Shahidian

CFO & Creator

Multi-tasking sensei

Shahrzad is a genius when it comes to handling tasks in a fast-paced environment. She has strong negotiation skills accompanied by knowledge of law terms; Being a passionate fast learner has helped her gain insights from several fields and approach problems from multiple perspectives.

Nariman Arian

CTO & Problem Solver

Bit-land magician

Nariman is an expert in applying cutting-edge data engineering and machine learning principles to big data. His extensive international work experience with large corporations and startups makes him a master in turning theory into practice. Nariman is passionate about explainable AI and is a light bulb moment creator.

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