About us

Hossein Rezaei is an award-winning entrepreneur. He founded WingZ Business Barter to create a path for small businesses to unlock their full potential. Enabling them to exchange their extra resources and save their valuable cash in their business.

Sell More, Save Cash

Keep cash in by outsourcing costs to WingZ.

Unlock Your True Potential

Every business can take at least one more customer! The main purpose of WingZ is to help business owners turn those hours without a customer into a new source of income. Their leftover capacity is used for trading with other business owners who are also members of the community.

Simple Payment Methods

In this community, transactions take place either by using pay by text or e-pay with a fungible unit called WingZ credits, which is a token charged in the account wallets of business owners and acts as a form of internal currency.

Trade With Any Member

Businesses can receive WingZ credits from one member and spend it on another member, enabling businesses to include a third party in their bartering, unlike traditional two-way barter methods.

Since no cash is involved in these transactions, business owners get the opportunity to save valuable cash and outsource their costs to WingZ, while getting access to a new category of high-value customers who are also business owners.

Hossein Rezaei

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