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Using state-of-the-art technologies, we bring together everything required to reduce your costs, find new customers and work more efficiently!

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Enjoy modern bartering in a community where your hard work is truly valued!
Turn your free hours into the products and services you need just in a few seconds.

Improve your cash flow by saving on purchases. Introducing you to our powerful platform helping you significantly cut your day to day costs.
Get access to a new category of high-value customers and meet other professionals around you.

How it works?

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How many more customers can you take?
Identify your free hours and add them to your profile so that members can contact you. By offering your products and services to community members you will earn tokens and turn your opportunities into value.

Bartering is a trend you don’t want to miss!

Welcome to the future of doing business, where you no longer need to spend a large proportion of your income on your expenses. Every business can take at least one more customer and all the free hours in a business are considered an excess capacity.
Businesses can start bartering their excess capacities with each other to get what they need without spending cash!

Barter Time!

Start bartering with the community and get what you need with your tokens without spending precious cash.
Create a network with our high-value customers through an advanced match-making system and increase your exposure.

Being able to cut your costs can profoundly affect your business, it helps you be more resilient and the money you save can be used for more important purposes like expanding and growing your own business.
Meanwhile, by joining a community of professionals you will gain additional exposure which can lead to more cash-paying customers as well!

Save Cash

Why would you spend your hard-earned dollars on buying your supplies while you can just barter them!
Keep more cash in your business by leveraging the power of bartering in our advanced match-making system, create new and long-lasting connections with other business owners and gain more market share.

Take your business to the next level

Bartering is one the most efficient ways to grow your business, as it is fast, effective, and easy to implement. Bartering helps you improve your cash flow and gain new customers, these are two important goals for every business.

Start Bartering

If you are a business owner interested in cutting your costs and becoming more efficient in doing business.

If you are a business owner willing to expand your network and connect with like-minded people from several sectors.

If you are a professional who wants to reduce their daily expenses and gain exposure through connecting with a community of professionals.

Unlocking your true potential
We help you cut your costs and create new business relationships in a highly motivated community.

Using tokens!
Members use our tokens for their transactions, this allows businesses to keep their cash in their pocket and outsource their costs to WingZ.

"Since no cash is involved in these transactions, business owners get the opportunity to save valuable cash and outsource their costs to WingZ, while getting access to a new category of high-value customers who are also business owners."

Hossein Rezaei, Founder & CEO

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